Thursday, 22 March 2012

Harmoni From Sonia

 Assalammualaikum semua..
this is my lates makeup for photoshoot with most gojes & hensem Photographer :)
fo this session, my makeup more to natural colour & fantastic lips.
so uall layan la pic2 kt bawah nie k..
ooohh ya..sblm terlupa. pada yg berminat dgn hasil keje anis..blh contac anis trs k. jgn segan2 jgn malu2..sye sudi bekerjasama dgn semua..all info about me sila2 la scroll kt atas k..

 Talent - Sonia
Makeup done by NURANIS



 All pic hak milik kekal photog, talent & MUA..

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